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Welcome to the Foothills Education Charter High School Virtual Campus! Foothills Virtual is a fully-online public high school with a state-wide attendance zone. All students between the ages of 16-21 who live in the State of Georgia are eligible to apply. Students can also attend the Virtual Campus to earn credit for an individual course while remaining enrolled at their home school. The cost for Transfer Credit Students to attend Foothills is $500 per credit.

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The Foothills Virtual Campus is open Monday - Thursday from 4pm - 9pm, and Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 11am - 1pmEach of our students is assigned three classes at a time. It is our expectation that each student will spend three hours per night working in Canvas, and take three posttests per weekThis pace is what we consider to be adequate progress. It is very important that students make a schedule for themselves and find an undistracted environment where they can have dedicated time for learning. Students who do not make adequate progress will be given the opportunity to continue their learning at a face-to-face Foothills site.

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At Foothills Virtual, our Advisement Program is the key to our success. Each student is assigned an Advisor, who is one of our teachers at Foothills Virtual. Each week, your student's advisor will contact them to set up a Google Meet, where they will check in with your child, help them set weekly goals for progress, and encourage them to stay focused on earning their high school diploma. Advisors contact students using all forms of communication: Google meetings, phone calls, text messages and emails. Please encourage your student to respond to his or her advisor each week, because it is their goal to be your student's advocate and help them finish their high school education. 

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At Foothills Virtual, students are required to take posttests in proctored Google Meet rooms. To schedule a posttest, a student must meet with an academic content teacher to ensure they are ready to take the test. That teacher will schedule the student for a testing appointment. The student will receive a Google Meet link in their email for the agreed-upon time. In the testing room, the student must have their camera and audio turned on, and share their screen. These measures help us uphold academic integrity in a virtual environment.

Foothills Virtual accepts students who are residents of the State of Georgia between the ages of 16 and 21. If you are interested in the Virtual Campus, please fill out an online application. You can also call one of the following people for more information:
Kimberly Nash, Registrar, 706-723-8442
Click here for more information about how to apply for enrollment.

Students with questions about Transfer Credits should contact Linda Boyd at [email protected]

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