Baldwin Foothills

During this unprecedented time, we will continue to make every effort to support our students and their needs. While our campuses are closed, we encourage students to continue working hard remotely to complete their coursework. Foothills Education Charter High School remains in contact with local and state officials to ensure our staff, students and families have the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19. We will continue to update this page with pertinent information as the situation evolves.

Following Governor Brian Kemp’s mandated school closing,  Foothills Education Charter High School will be closed until further notice. During this closing, students and staff should not report. Updates and additional guidance will be shared as we continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation. During this time, we encourage students to continue working remotely on coursework with tests available once site locations reopen.

Click here to access virtual classrooms for additional support. 

The following teachers will be available to assist students from 4-8pm on the following days:
Monday and Wednesdays: ELA/SS from 4-8pm.

  • Monday: Heather Suwinski for ELA and Kristin Lewis for Social Studies.
  • Wednesday: Amie Caruso for ELA and Steve Simpson for SS.
  • Monday & Wednesday: Clifton Leonard for Math & Science; any subject.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Math/Science from 4-8pm.

  • Tuesday: Marguerite Jenkins for Math and Amy Rejmer for Science.
  • Thursday: Kymberly Arnold for Math and Katherine Thompson for Science.
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Euvia Lewis for ELA & Social Studies; any subject.

Students may reach out for resets on quizzes and bypassing of pretests and help with the subjects. Students may contact teachers through email ([email protected]). 

The Public Library
The public Library has extended their wifi range to all of the parking lots between the two downtown branches and have eliminated the password to allow our community access to free wifi in a safe zone environment, you can access from your vehicle. 

Meals for Students
Click here for more information regarding meal deliveries from the Baldwin County School System.